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SIF Agent Settings

The MA SIF Agent and SMP require the following settings:

SIF Registration

Agent ID: Provided by the state
SIF Messaging Mode: Pull
SIF Version: 2.7
SIF Override Version: Set to "other" and enter 2.7.

SIF Messaging

Enable Event Reporting: Selected
Advanced Section: Deselect both checkboxes


Protocol: HTTPS
Server Certificate: Must be the certificate of the state's ZIS.


Set to level 6 and select all checkboxes. On the Output tab, set the number of files to 100 or 150.


Plug-ins should have the latest MA SMP.

Super Districts

If this is a Super District, set to Enabled. Each district will have a unique zone configuration.


State Zone

The State Zone is the zone that connects to the state's ZIS. The information for this zone is provided by the state at the time the district switches to SIF.  Also enable the SMP for this zone. For a Super District, there will be one state zone per district.

State Test Zone

For each district, PowerSchool sets up a test zone on our development and quality assurance ZIS. This test zone is used for issue determination.

Other Zones

For all other zones, do not enable the SMP.  Add the zone and modify the settings; the Agent ID, Messaging Mode, and SIF Version can all be changed on the individual zone settings.

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