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Beginning of Year Setup

Each year, after state reporting is complete, there are several items that need to be completed to prepare for the new school year.

Roll SIF Agent to New Year

The SIF Agent is just like PowerSchool in that it needs to be rolled over to the new year before the data can be published. Once you have completed all your state reporting, you can perform the rollover of the SIF Agent. If you are hosted, create a support case with PowerSchool and ask for the agent to be rolled over. If you are self-hosted, please see the New Year Rollover Wizard directions.

Term Code Mapping

All terms for all schools require mapping to state codes for the term to publish, including Out of District schools. For each school, navigate to School > Years and Terms > Edit Terms. Populate the State Course Term Code field for each term. It is also important for the SCS report to populate the Final Grade Store Code. This value is used to determine what store code is used to populate the grade for End of Year Reporting. If this field is blank, the SIF Agent assumes the value of Y1.

Unexcused Absences (ATN) Setup

You will also need to update the Attendance Tracking and Notification year.

To update the Attendance Tracking and Notification year:

  1. Navigate to District Office > District > Attendance Tracking and Notification > Update Calculation Year. 
  2. Click Submit at the bottom of the page to update the year to the current year. 
  3. Navigate to System Reports > Refresh Attendance Tracking Data, and run the report to refresh the data.

Missing Data Report for Students

The Missing Data report on the SIF Dashboard provides information on each student that has an enrollment for the current year and what data they are missing. Records with missing data will not publish through the SIF agent. To access the Missing Data report, navigate to the SIF Dashboard, choose Review next to Student Personal, and choose Missing Data. Each time you visit the report, click the Clear Cache button in the bottom right corner to refresh the report with the latest changes.

Each field that contains a value of  No needs to be fixed for the student's data to publish. Once the data is fixed, click Clear Cache to see the updated results.

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