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Staff Setup



The following data elements are required for staff setup. The first three pages of navigation are removed for brevity:

Start Page > Staff > [Select Staff Member].

  1. On the Start Page, click Staff.
  2. Select a staff member or New Staff Entry.
  3. Select Edit Information for existing staff members.

Note: For more information on code values, see theAppendix.

Data Element

Additional Information



Used in these Reports

Editing Information

Edit Information

Name (Last, First MI)

Enter the name.

Format: LastName, FirstName MiddleName






EAGLE – Teacher Upload
EAGLE – Teacher Class Assignment Upload


Choose Male or Female from the pop-up menu.



SIS – Event Collection System

Federal Ethnicity

Select Yes or No to indicate whether the staff member is Hispanic or Latino.



Event Collection System

Federal Race

Select the checkbox for the appropriate race.







Event Collection System


Enter the teacher's ID.

Note: Only the first four digits are reported in the EAGLE reports.



EAGLE – Teacher Upload
EAGLE – Teacher Class Assignment Upload

StatePridEnter the unique staff identification number assigned through the eScholar process.[Users]SIF_StatePrid10Staff EdLink reports


Enter the teacher's social security number.



SIS – Event Collection System


The staff member's date of birth.



SIS – Event Collection System

Staff Type

Choose the teacher's staff status from the pop-up menu. The staff status must be Teacher in order for the teacher to be included in the EAGLE – Teacher Upload report.

Valid values:

  • Not Assigned
  • Teacher
  • Staff
  • Lunch Staff
  • Substitute



EAGLE – Teacher Upload


Check field on to indicate the staff is currently active. The staff must be Active in order for the teacher to be included in the EAGLE – Teacher Upload report or EdLink Staff reports



EAGLE – Teacher Upload

Staff EdLink reports

Classification Level

Choose the teacher's classification level from the list. This field is required if district is using PowerSchool SIS to generate the eScholar Staff Unique ID extract or EdLink Staff reports

Valid values:

  • 01 - School Board Employee
  • 02 - Post Secondary Employee
  • 03 - Contracted Professional Services Person
  • 04 - Third Party Contract Employee
  • 05 - State Employee (Classified)
  • 06 - State Employee (Unclassified)
  • 07 - Resident/Mentee Teacher

Staff Unique ID extract

EdLink Staff reports

Working with MentorSelect to Indicate whether the staff is working with a mentor teacher. This remains unchecked by default.[S_LA_USR_X]WorkingWithMentorN/AStaff EdLink reports
Staff Work Experience in YearsEnter the number of years of work experience commensurate with the employee's salary[S_LA_USR_X]StaffWorkExp2
Staff Entry Date to District

Enter the first day of hire in the district for the staff.  

Note: this field should be left blank for Vacant positions


Adding/Editing Mentoring Assignments

Edit Information > LA State Report Information > Mentoring Assignments

Add the mentor assignments for the staff in the Mentor Assignments page. View the assignments in the Mentoring Assignments section of the Staff Information page.

Mentor teachers have a Classification Level other than '07'. Mentor Teachers provide directed support to undergraduate teacher residents through a co-teaching model, post-baccalaureate teacher residents who are teaching while earning their initial license, or experienced teachers in need of support. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to: providing one-on-one coaching, reviewing instructional materials and student work, and leading frequent observation/feedback cycles.

Resident teachers have a Classification Level of '07'. Resident teachers are candidates from teacher preparation programs who are participating in a yearlong residency in a classroom with a teacher of record who holds a valid teaching certificate in the area for which the candidate is pursuing certification. Teachers flagged as 'Working with Mentor' are also included in the dropdown of Resident/Mentee Teachers.

Resident/Mentee Teacher

Choose the mentee from the list. Staff display in the list if their Classification Level is 07 - Resident/Mentee Teacher or the Working with Mentor field is selected.

[S_LA_SSF_MENTOR_C]Mentee_id N/ALA EdLink Staff Extract
Current YearThe current school year is selected by default.[S_LA_SSF_MENTOR_C]Yearid
N/ALA EdLink Staff Extract
Assignment Start DateChoose the date when the assignment starts. The assignment start date must be within the current school year.[S_LA_SSF_MENTOR_C]Start_dateN/ALA EdLink Staff Extract
Assignment End DateChoose the date when the assignment ends. The assignment end date must be within the current school year.[S_LA_SSF_MENTOR_C]End_dateN/ALA EdLink Staff Extract
Prep Program Type

Choose the type of program of the resident teacher.  This field is mandatory.

Values are:

  • B = Post Baccalaureate
  • U = Undergraduate
LA EdLink Staff Extract
Placement Percentage

Choose the value representing the resident teacher's percentage of time in the placement. This field is mandatory.

Values are 25, 33, 50, 66, 75, 100.

LA EdLink Staff Extract

Editing User Course Detail

Edit Information > LA State Report Information > User Course Detail

12 Credit Hours Flag

If the teacher is not credentialed to teach a course but can teach the course because of the 12 credit hour rule, select the course from the course list and check the 12 Credit Hours Flag.

Note: Use this version of the flag if you are running the new SRP version of the PEP report. If you are still using the legacy (located in the Legacy Reports section of the State Reports page) version of the report use the flag located in Section Setup instead of this flag.

[S_LA_USR_Courses_C] SubjArea12CrHrFlag


PEP – Teacher Schedule Information Report

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