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Importing State Assigned ID Numbers into PowerSchool

Back up (or make a copy) of your current data file before you proceed. (PowerSchool must be shut down if you choose to manually make a copy of the data file.)

  1. Ensure that the file downloaded from the KDIS system is in a text-tab delimited format. You may open the file in Microsoft Excel, choose Save-As, select "Text (Tab delimited), and then Save to ensure the format.
  2. If the state assigned file does not have column headers, to avoid confusion during the import process, while in Excel, insert column headings. The following three fields are the only necessary fields to map for the Import process:

    Column Header

    PowerSchool Field

    Student_Number (PowerSchool Student Number)


    State_StudentNumber (KIDS Assigned State ID)


    SchoolID (School Number) (This is only necessary if a district-wide import is done)

    Alternate School ID

  3. Open the current data file in PowerSchool (disregard this step if PowerSchool is running and current data file is loaded).

  4. Import at the appropriate location (this is dependent on whether the data in the import file is school-specific or district-specific).
    1. School Import: Select the appropriate school at the top of the PowerSchool screen.
    2. District Import: Select the District Office at the top of the PowerSchool screen, then enable importing at District Office: District Office > District > Miscellaneous > Check the checkbox Allow importing in district office mode > Submit
  5. Navigate to State > Special Functions> Importing & Exporting > Quick Import.
  6. Select a table: Students.
  7. Ignore the Field Delimited and End of line market settings (i.e., maintain the default settings).
  8. Click Browse, select the state assigned file, then click Open.
  9. Ensure Suggest field map is checked.
  10. Click Import.
  11. The following fields must be mapped:
    1. *From your file ---> To PowerSchool*
    2. Student_Number ---> Student_Number
    3. State_StudentNumber ---> State_StudentNumber
    4. SchoolID ---> SchoolID
  12. Check the checkbox: Check to exclude first row.
  13. Select the radio button: Update the student's record with the information from the file being imported.
  14. Click Submit.
  15. A screen displaying the imported records should display.

Verify that import was done correctly by navigating to sample students' screens: Start > Student Selection > State/Province – KS > KIDS Information > Select ASGT. The field D13, State Student Identifier will contain a value if the import was done correctly. Alternatively, you may perform a Quick Export or List Students. See PowerSchool Help for more information. The key PowerSchool fields to export (or list): LastFirst, State_StudentNumber.

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