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Concurrent Enrollments - Search and Reporting



The Search by Concurrent Enrollments special function enables you to search, within a user-specified date range, for  students who are concurrently enrolled. You can export the search results into a .csv file.

Search by Concurrent Enrollments

  1. On the Start Page, click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears.
  2. Under Illinois State Functions, click Search by Concurrent Enrollments. The Search by Concurrent Enrollments page appears.
    Note: The dates in the Start Date and End Date fields reflect the current school year and are inclusive. Records are pulled with at least a start or end date within those date parameters. To see concurrent enrollments for a different a date range, change the dates and click Filter Records.

Report Students with Concurrent Enrollments

  1. Under Students Enrolled In Selected School With Concurrent Enrollments In Another School, select the student(s) to be included in the report.
  2. Under Selection Controls, click Make Current Selection.
  3. Click Export Selected Records. A report is generated in .csv format.

Report Output

Data ElementDescription[Table]Field Name
ConEnrIDThe Concurrent Enrollment table ID[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]ID
StudentsDCIDPrimary key that relates the extended table back to the Students table.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]StudentsDCID
Enrollment TypeThe student's enrollment type for the concurrent enrollment.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]EnrollmentType
Entry Code

The student's entry code for the concurrent enrollment.

Entry CommentAdditional comments regarding the concurrent enrollment.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]EntryComment
Entry Date

The student's entry date for the concurrent enrollment.

Enrollment Entry Type Code

The student’s enrollment entry type code for the concurrent enrollment.


Exit Code

The student's exit code for the concurrent enrollment.

Exit CommentAdditional comments regarding the student's exit from the concurrent enrollment.


Exit Date

The student's exit date from the concurrent enrollment.

Enrollment Exit Status The student's concurrent enrollment exit status. [S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]Enrollment_Exit_Status
Enrollment Exit Type CodeThe student's concurrent enrollment exit or withdrawal type code. [S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]Enrollment_Exit_Type_Code
FTE ValueThe full-time equivalency for the concurrent enrollment.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]FTE
Grade LevelThe student's grade level for the concurrent enrollment.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]Grade_Level
Membership ShareThe amount of a student’s membership for the concurrent enrollment.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]MembershipShare
RCDTS Home School

The RCDTS number that identifies the student’s home school.

RCDTS Service ProviderThe RCDTS number that identifies the service provider that provides service to the student for this concurrent enrollment.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]RCDTS_Service_Provider
RCDTS Serving School

The RCDTS number that identifies the school that provides service to the student.

Concurrent School IDConcurrent enrollment school's ID number.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]SchoolID
Who CreatedThe ID of the user who created the concurrent enrollment.N/A
When CreatedThe date the concurrent enrollment was created.N/A
Who ModifiedThe ID of the user who modified the concurrent enrollment.N/A
When ModifiedThe date the concurrent enrollment was modified.N/A
State Exclude EnrollmentIndicates whether the concurrent enrollment is excluded from state reporting.[S_IL_STU_CONENR_C]State_ExcludeEnrollment
Student NumberThe locally assigned student number.[Students]Student_Number
Last FirstThe student's last and first name[Students]LastFirst
Student Home School IDThe student's home school ID number.[S_IL_STU_Pre_ID_X]Enrolled_Home_School
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