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CRDC AP Exam Tracking

In order to utilize the AP Exam Tracking functionality, it must be enabled on the District Info page (see CRDC District Setup for more information). The following fields govern this functionality:

  • Enable AP Exam Tracking for CRDC
    • This field determines whether or not the functionality is enabled. When selected, the functionality can be utilized from the following pages:
      • Start Page > Special Functions > AP Exam Tracking for CRDC
      • Start Page > [Select Student] > All Enrollments> [Edit Selected Enrollment]
  • Enable AP Exam Tracking in Teacher Portal for CRDC
    • This field determines whether or not this functionality can be accessed in PowerTeacher. When checked, teachers are able to access the functionality and enter AP test attempts and scores via a link, in the left-hand pane, in PowerTeacher.

AP test attempts and scores can be entered for any Course/Section that's flagged as an AP Course/Section ([S_ID_CRS_X]AP/[S_ID_SEC_X]AP). 

It is important to note that a student can have multiple AP Exam records for the same test/Section.

Data Element

Additional Information


Start Page > Special Functions > AP Exam Tracking For CRDC > [Select Teacher] > [Expand Section] > Choose Student > [Edit/New]

Start Page > [Select Student] > All Enrollments > Edit Section > Advanced Placement Exam Attempts/Results AP [Edit/New]

PowerTeacher Portal > APexam Tracker > [Edit/New]

Examination Type

A read-only field indicating the type of exam. Always Advanced Placement Exam (AP).


Examination DateEnter the date the student took the exam.[S_ID_CC_ExamCert_C]ExamDate
Examination Result

Choose the student's AP exam result.

Valid values:

  • Not Taken
  • Taken - Passed
  • Taken - Not Passed
  • Retaken - Passed
  • Retaken - Not Passed
CommentEnter any comments regarding the AP exam.[S_ID_CC_ExamCert_C]Comments
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