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SIF Dashboard Setup


PowerSchool Data Exchange

Prior to publishing SIF Data for the 2019-2020 school year, you must enable and configure the SIF Dashboard. The following instructions are for the general SIF Dashboard setup.

Enable PowerSchool Data Exchange Plugin

The SIF Dashboard uses the PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) plugin. You must enable the plugin to be able to have access to the SIF Dashboard. The DEX Plugin is installed automatically as part of state reporting releases and can be enabled by navigating to the Plugin Management Dashboard.

To access the Plugin Management Dashboard, sign in to PowerSchool at the district level.

  1. Navigate to System > System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration

  2. In the Plugin Management Dashboard, select the Enable/Disable checkbox next to PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX).

  3. Click PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX).

  4. In the PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) Setup page, click Profile Configuration

    View of Profile Configuration page

  5. Click Add Profile.

    1. Enter a Profile Name
      Note: This name shows in the Data Exchange menu list in the main menu. PowerSchool recommends keeping the name under 20 characters.
    2. Select the Profile Type of SIF_IA.
      Note: If you do not see a value in the Profile Type menu, it means that the configuration files have not yet been loaded. These files are loaded by the State Reporting installer for state instances or by the PowerSchool Services Group for individual districts.
    3. Select Enabled On, and Save the profile.

Configure PowerSchool Data Exchange

The Data Exchange Setup page provides a user interface for entering various configurable settings including enabling and disabling the entire framework, authentication, and operational frequencies. The SIF Dashboard only uses a few of these features. Follow the below directions to configure the SIF Dashboard.

  1. Navigate to Setup > System > Data Exchange > General Setup.
  2. On the Data Exchange Setup page, select System Enabled On.
  3. Save the configuration.
  4. Click on Configure on the line with the LEA Name.
  5. Verify the LEA Enabled is set to On.
  6. Save and Close the popup.
  7. Save the configuration again.

SIF Dashboard

The SIF Dashboard is now enabled and ready to use. The IA SMP 2.6.0+ will use the dashboard to store information about what has been published to the state endpoint. You can access the main dashboard by going to the Start Page of PowerSchool and choosing your Profile name in the left menu under Data Exchange.

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