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The Iowa MTSS/FAST/IDEA System requires that users are assigned a maximum of one MTSS role. Users can have multiple FAST roles for each school they access. But, in most cases one FAST role is all that is needed since it includes the lower roles. These roles are set up in PowerSchool and reported via SIF to the MTSS/FAST/IDEA system.

There are nine MTSS/FAST/IDEA roles:

  • MTSS_ClassroomUser
  • MTSS_BuildingUser
  • MTSS_DistrictUser
  • MTSS_GradeLevelUser
  • FAST_ClassroomUser
  • FAST_Specialist
  • FAST_SchoolManager
  • FAST_DistrictManager
  • FAST_NonPublicManager
  • FAST_GroupProctor
  • IDEA

The listed MTSS, FAST, and IDEA roles are case-sensitive and no spaces are allowed in the role names.

These MTSS/FAST/IDEA roles are used as security groups within MTSS/FAST/IDEA but are not related to PowerSchool user security groups in any direct way.

Add the MTSS/FAST/IDEA Roles

Add MTSS/FAST/IDEA roles to the system. The added roles can be assigned to users.

  1. Navigate to System > Roles Administration > User Access (the roles displayed may differ, depending on your existing setup).
  2. Click New to add any of the nine MTSS/FAST/IDEA roles:
    1. Add any text describing the role.
    2. Ensure Enabled is selected.
    3. Leave Security group assigned to the role blank.

Assign MTSS/FAST/IDEA Roles Staff

  1. Select a staff member, and navigate to Security Settings >Admin Access and Roles.
  2. Select Add to bring up the Add Role dialog and select the school. Typically, you will select the staff member's home school, but you can select any school.
  3. Click Next for the role dialog.
  4. Select Use these Roles without Security Groups. Then select the MTSS/FAST/IDEA role.

    Staff can be assigned one MTSS Role and multiple FAST roles per school assignment.
  5. Click OK and then Submit.
  • Roles can be added or changed anytime by selecting the Edit button.
  • MTSS roles can be added for other schools as needed.
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