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Importing CTAE Student Pathway Information

(from the Tech Note dated May 24, 2013)

CTAE End of Pathway Assessment (EOPA) information is being collected for the first time at the end of FY2013. There is a narrow window for submission of the Student Record-EPA report. The EOPA window is just one week after the close of the standard Student Record collection window.

Student-level information for CTAE Pathway Assessments can be imported into PowerSchool with or without doing the district and school setup. The student-level import can save time versus doing manual entry for each student.

To help districts minimize the work associated with the Student Record-EPA report, follow guidance on importing CTAE student path information

This How To document contains the steps to import CTAE Student Pathways testing results without linking the Assessment Code to the specific Path defined for the assessment. The results of this import appear on the student's CTAE Pathways page. The format of an unlinked record shows the Assessment Code listed in both the Path Name and Assessment Code columns. The Path Name is preceded with a display order of 99 indicating there is no linked Path.

The purpose of this document is to share how the import can be accomplished, so the Student Record-EPA state report will include all students with testing done during the current school year.

There are three general steps to import the student-level information:

Prepare the Import File

Use Quick Import into PowerSchool

Verify imported records

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