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Discipline Incident Setup


All state reportable Incident Management codes are loaded and updated automatically when PowerSchool State Reporting is updated. Incident Management codes and subcodes required for state reporting are designated with a carat (^). Do not change the names of any state reportable code.


  • Only Offenders are reported. Witnesses, Reporters and Victims are not reported in any Colorado State discipline report.
  • When entering incidents, an Offender must be assigned a Behavior. The Action for that Offender/Behavior must be assigned to the Behavior. Actions assigned directly to an Offender will not be reported correctly. Behaviors with no Action will not be reported correctly.
  • It is recommended to create all incidents at the school level via the Special Functions menu on the Start Page. Discipline Incidents created at the District Office but not assigned to a school will not be reported.
  • Note: Incident Management reporting for Colorado requires PowerSchool version 6.1 or greater.

Refer to the Incident Management Quick Entry for more detailed information.

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