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Colorado Announcements

Date Updated: February 14th, 2024

Current Updates

  • Important Note on PowerSchool Enhanced UI
    Starting with the PowerSchool SIS (Back to School) release, the option to turn off the Enhanced User Interface will be removed, and the Enhanced UI will be the only interface available for PowerSchool SIS. Versions before 24.5 will still include the Classic User Interface. For more information, refer to the PowerSchool Community article.

Current Known Issues

  • None at this time

PowerSchool Updates/Reminders

School Entry and Exit Codes: Districts are responsible for updating and adding entry and exit codes required by the state. These codes can be edited or entered on the District Start Page > District Setup > Entry Codes page and the District Start Page > District Setup > Exit Codes page.

PowerSchool SIS Supported Versions: In August of 2021, the minimum supported version of PowerSchool will be 20.11.x. Districts on an earlier version of PowerSchool will need to update. Click here for more information

Receiving Updates: To ensure you receive release notifications and tech notes, subscribe to state reporting updates in the PowerSchool Community. For instructions, visit Subscribing to Product Communications.

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