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Working with Ed-Fi

This section provides high-level guidelines on how to use DEX with Ed-Fi to complete manual tasks, view information, and resolve errors.

LEAs and schools may see different options on the Ed-Fi Dashboard tab. The options on the page control what individual schools are able to publish. LEAs can download data, as well as publish data. Schools can publish data and have view only capability for the downloaded data.

Note: Each installation may be different depending on the state in which your PowerSchool installation is located. Refer to your specific state's Ed-Fi Reference documentation for further information about the categories and data that can be downloaded or published.

To access the Ed-Fi Dashboard page: 

  1. On the start page, choose a profile under Data Exchange in the main menu. This will open the Ed-Fi dashboard for the selected profile. 

The page is categorized into three sections: Download DataPublish Data, On Demand. Each section has a specific set of categories offered. 

For each section, you can view the status of certain operations at any given time:

  • Downloading – a Yes/No status lets the user know if downloading is occurring.
  • Downloaded – the count of records downloaded.
  • Processing – the count of records identified for publishing and starting the process of data quality and dependency checks.
  • Dependencies – the count of records that cannot be published because it is dependent on other data sequencing; one example - student demographic data must have a unique person ID. Acquire a unique person ID in order to publish.
  • Publishing – the count of records that passed data quality and dependency checks queued for publishing.
  • Published – the count of records being published to the state ODS.
  • Errors – the count of error messages received in response from the state system.
  • Data Exceptions – the count of records with data quality issues, fatal and non-fatal, that cannot be downloaded, and/or published because it does not meet minimum requirements.
  • Last Activity – time that has elapsed since the last attempt to exchange data with the state Ed-Fi system.
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