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PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) with Ed-Fi

Without the PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) with Ed-Fi, data must be moved from one format (PowerSchool) to another (the data store) and back with a manual process. This manual process is tedious and error-prone. In order to simplify the procedure for LEAs and/or schools, PowerSchool has created an automated process, the PowerSchool Data Exchange.

PowerSchool Data Exchange (DEX) with Ed-Fi permits schools and LEAs to easily exchange PowerSchool data with the state-sponsored Ed-Fi ODS and dashboards. Schools and LEAs can publish data automatically from PowerSchool to the state Ed-Fi ODS and download state and vendor-provided data into PowerSchool from the state Ed-Fi ODS.

Ed-Fi uses Standard JSON Schemas to handle common data exchanges, including basic student profile information, attendance records, assessment results, program participation, and many other information transfer scenarios. Ed-Fi schemas define the structure of the format that transports categories of data between PowerSchool and Ed-Fi.

The state has no way of initiating contact or sending requests to PowerSchool to request data as a third party. All data is within PowerSchool and will be published (like other state reports) as configured and scheduled from within PowerSchool.

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