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The Pre-Migration Data Validation tool allows you to preview and correct any data type issues associated with your state-specific legacy custom field and virtual table migrations prior to running the migration process. If the data being migrated is not in the same format as the expected data type of the extended field, the data may not properly migrate. The errors received in the Pre-Migration Data Validation process are the same that you would receive in the PowerSchool logs if you run the migration without correcting the data.

  • The Pre-Migration Data Validation is only available for PowerSchool 19.x or lower. Auto-migration for PowerSchool - Custom Fields was released with PowerSchool 20.4.0.
  • You must be running PowerSchool 10.1.4 or higher to validate and migrate virtual tables.
  • You must be running PowerSchool 8.3 or higher to validate and migrate state-specific fields.

The basic steps to the Pre-Migration Data Validation are:

  1. Run Pre-Migration Validation on a specified state-specific field set.
  2. Correct validation errors.
  3. Re-run data validation to verify corrections.

Once you have corrected the validation errors, you can migrate your data.

Pre-Migration Data Validation only works for state-specific fields.

  • Your State Reporting documentation, accessible through the Help link in PowerSchool, provides information about state-specific fields and field values.
  • Refer to the Legacy Custom Field Data Migration, which provides detailed information for database extensions and the custom field migration process.
  • Use import and export to correct validation errors.
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