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After you have corrected the validation errors, you can proceed with the migration of your field set, starting with the Migration Readiness Check.

  • Prior to running the migration, you must run the Migration Readiness Check. If you leave the Custom Field Data Migration page for any reason, you must re-run the Migration Readiness Check before proceeding.
  • In addition to identifying duplicate IDs and fieldno values, as well as any state-specific readiness checks deployed for your state, the Migration Readiness Check checks for the number of custom fields within a table. For PowerSchool versions prior to 9.2, if the number of custom fields within a table will exceed 999 due to the migration, an error message will appear and the migration will be disabled. If you receive this error, contact PowerSchool Support for further assistance.

You must run the Pre-Migration Validation at least once prior to running the migration for state-specific field sets. However, it is possible to migrate without correcting all the validation errors. If you choose to migrate without correcting all validation errors, you will need to verify that you understand the potential for data loss before proceeding with the migration.

PowerSchool strongly advises that you correct all errors prior to migrating. Running the migration with data errors increases your potential for data loss.
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