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Summer School with PASI Direct Connect


PASI Direct Connect works with the currently supported summer school setup in PowerSchool. For details on how to set up summer school in PowerSchool, refer to the Summer School Setup Guide for PowerSchool available on PowerSource.

This section lists the different modifications made to PowerSchool to provide summer school integration with PASI.

School Setup Considerations

Consider the following items when you create a separate school for summer school:


The school setup must be identical to the regular school. However, the school must have a year-long term for the summer enrolment period. It is important that you set up the term end date to July 31 so that the Term ID assigned to the term attaches to the current school year and not the next school year. If your summer school actually ends in August then you can adjust the end date after you have created the term.

If the term is associated to the wrong school year, summer school enrolments will not close out correctly.

Is Summer School Indicator

The Is Summer School check box must be checked. This allows you to set the Summer School Indicator on the Scheduling Setup. You also have the ability to transfer students to the summer school using the Transfer Out of School Group function.

State Province Identifier

The StatePrId field must have the value of the Regular School so that we can map students and school enrolments to the Regular School.

Some school authorities have a separate school code approved for summer school from Alberta Education ministry. In this case, StatePrID is not required. You can simply use the summer school code as the school number.

Sort Order

It is recommended that summer schools are at the bottom of the sort order on Schools/School Info page.

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Student School Enrollments

Consider the following items when you are enrolling students in summer school:


Students that enrol for summer school from outside the school authority can be pre-registered into summer school directly. However, students that are going to regular school cannot be pre-registered because PowerSchool does not support more than one current enrolment.

Summer School Indicator on Scheduling Setup

Fill out the Summer School Indicator in the Scheduling Setup page to identify students that are going to summer school. You also need to fill out the Next School Indicator, which is needed to do a mass transfer of students.
To facilitate this process there are two group functions available:

  • Summer School Indicator group function enables you to set the Summer School Indicator and the Note to the Summer School Admin fields for a selection of students.
  • Next School Indicator group function enables you to set the Next School Indicator field for a selection of students.

Transfer Out of School and Re-Enroll Group Functions

Students have to finish their regular school session before they can be enrolled into Summer School. On the day after the last day of school, you have to transfer the student out of their current school and enrol them in the summer school.

Important: Ensure that you have a backup/export of the student schedules before doing any bulk enrolment transactions as this can affect students' schedules.
To facilitate this process there are two group functions available:

  • Transfer Out of School group function enables you to transfer a selection of students into the Summer School set on the Scheduling Setup page. For students that are returning the next school year, ensure that you check the corresponding box when you transfer students out of school.
  • Re-Enroll in School group function enables you re-enrol a selection of students in the summer school.
When you perform any bulk enrolment transactions, you must also select the checkbox in the middle of the page.

Keeping Student Schedules

Transferring and re-enrolling students affects students' schedules. You can schedule students in classes for next school year before starting summer school. Therefore, ensure that you have a backup/export of the student schedules before committing any schedules.

Important: You CANNOT commit schedules before you transfer students to the summer school or the students will lose their schedules at the regular school for the next school year. The commit must be done ONLY after the students are in the summer school and before the year-end roll over.

Therefore, it is recommended that you commit students' new schedules in the regular schools only after summer school has started. If not done in the correct sequence, there is a possibility of losing the students schedules for next school year.

In case you have schools that are manually scheduling students for next year, the transfer to the summer school may also delete their next year classes. Therefore, ensure that you have a good export/backup of the schedules, so that you can import them in case of any loss.

Remote summer school closeout has been deprecated since the introduction of Endpoint 2020.

Remote Summer School Closeout

Run the Remote Summer School Closeout special function to locate and assign exit codes to summer school enrolments.This function is only available from the District Office. The function selects summer school enrolment records that meet all of the following selection criteria:

  • The enrolment Registration Type is Summer Day (S) or Summer Evening (T).
  • The enrolment Exit Code is null. Exit codes for these records default to 10100.
  • The enrolment Exit Date falls before the current date.

To run the Remote Summer School Closeout process:

  1. On the Start Page, click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears
  2. Under Alberta PASI EOY (Summer School), click Remote Summer School Closeout. The Remote Summer School Closeout process page appears.
  3. For Select Exit Code, choose the exit code to assign to summer school records.
  4. Click Closeout. The Summer School Closeout Process Complete page appears and displays the number of enrolment records updated.

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