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Set Up Integration with Other Products


This page describes the process of submitting student documents using the document attachments API to PASI. Documents are initially submitted to PowerSchool SIS using the new version of the Document Attachments API available on SIS core Once a document is available as a student attachment a DCF notification is received by Alberta Compliance which retrieves metadata and document image for submission to PASI.


Any Alberta client wishing to take advantage of the document integration capabilities needs to enable/configure the PowerSchool document server. Images of each document might be stored in the document server itself or they might be stored externally depending on source application requirements however document metadata is always stored in the document server.

Enable PowerSchool Document Server

How To - Setup a Document Server In a Server Array

Document Attachments Frequently Asked Questions

Synchronization Settings

Since Alberta Compliance is a consumer of document attachment DCF events, it is necessary to enable Student Attachments DCF Event in the PASI Synchronization Settings screen:

  1. Go to the Synchronization Settings page.
  2. Scroll to the Demographic and Enrolment Items section.
  3. Enable the Student Attachments DCF Events object.

Enable Plugin

Additionally, the ‘PowerSchool Registration Signature’ plugin must be enabled under the Plugin Management Configuration screen:

  1. Go to the System > System Settings > Plugin Management Configuration page.
  2. Enable the desired plugin (following the other product's setup instructions).

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