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Refreshing Transcript Information

Use the Refresh Transcript Information function to update all transcript information in the local copy, including official marks, diploma exam mark results, and credential information. This function clears current transcript information and re-downloads the latest transcript information from PASI. Transcript information for a student is available for one year after the student graduates.

Note: This function replaces Student Transcript Detail.

To refresh transcript information:

  1. On the Start Page, under Setup, click System. The System Administrator page appears.
  2. Under Server, click System Settings. The System Settings page appears.
  3. Click Plugin Management Configuration. The Plugin Management Dashboard page appears.
  4. Click PASI Direct Connect. The PASI Direct Connect Setup page appears.
  5. Under Function, click Additional PASI Settings. The PASI Configuration page appears.
  6. Click  Refresh Transcript Information. All current transcript information is cleared, and then re-downloaded from PASI.
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