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This table stores Student Name List data – includes legal and other names but not the preferred name.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary Key

Effective_Date13.0.0TIMESTAMP(6)The date and time the record was effective. Defaults to system date
First_Name13.0.0Varchar2(50)Student's first name.
Is_Name_Exact13.0.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates whether this name is exactly as it appears on the student's documentation. Valid values: 1=Yes, 0=No. Required.
Last_Name13.0.0Varchar2(50)Student's last name.
Middle_Name13.0.0Varchar2(50)Student's middle name.
RefID13.0.0NUMBER(10,0)Unique system identifier.
Suffix13.0.0Varchar2(15)Student's name suffix.
Name_Type13.0.0Varchar2(15)Indicates whether this name is a legal name or an Other name
Student_InfoID13.0.0NUMBER(19,0)The AB_STUDENT_INFOID from the AB_STUDENT_INFO table.
WhoCreated13.0.0Varchar2(100)The name of the person who created the record. Defaults to user.
WhenCreated13.0.0TIMESTAMP(6)The date and time the record was created. Defaults to system date.
WhoModified13.0.0Varchar2(100)The name of person who modified the record. Defaults to user.
WhenModified13.0.0TIMESTAMP(6)The date and time the record was modified. Defaults to system date
List_Position13.0.0NUMBER(2,0)Indicates the position this record appears in the student name list in ascending order.
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