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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Append Student Import ID Update

The Append Student Import ID functionality did not allow the download of the updated import file. This has been fixed and the Append Student Import ID functionality now allows the updated import file to be downloaded.


CRDC Updates for DISC-1a Preschool Suspensions

CRDC Report: Version 1.1

The CRDC report has been updated and will now report Preschool Out-of-School Suspension in two categories:

  • One suspension

  • More than One suspension.

Note: This change applies to both the School PDF and School csv files.


CRDC - Add New/Edit Existing Fields for INET Questions -School pdf, School csv

The new fields for INET are added in the CRDC School pdf and school csv.
The CRDC school page is also updated to have INET-3 and INET-4.


CRDC - Field Updates for Disc-1 to Disc-10

The Disc-1 to Disc-10 fields have been updated per the CRDC specification.


CRDC - Mandatory - Add New/Edit Existing Fields for RSTR Questions -School pdf, school csv

The RSTR questions have been modified for School pdf, csv according to the latest CRDC requirements.


CRDC - Mandatory - Add New/Edit Existing Fields for HIBS questions -School pdf, School csv

Modified the HIBS questions in school CRDC report according to the 2021-2022-CRDC-school-form.


CRDC - School CSV File Update

The STAF, APIB, and PENR sections of the School CSV file are updated to match the latest CRDC requirements.


CRDC - SSPR-11 and SSPR-12 Update

SSPR-11 and SSPR-12 are now returning correct values in LEA audit files.


CRDC - Update COUR section of School PDF and School CSV to Match Final Specifications

COUR section of School PDF and School CSV are updated to match final specifications.


CRDC - Update CRDC School csv File With Nonbinary Disaggregate Fields For COUR-6 to COUR-11

Update CRDC School CSV with details of nonbinary disaggregate fields for COUR-6 to COUR-11


CRDC - Update School csv File With Nonbinary Disaggregate Fields For COUR-12 to COUR-21

Updated the school csv file with nonbinary disaggregate fields for COUR-12 to COUR-21


CRDC 2021-2022: Faculty CRDC Page Updates

The following are faculty-level updates to the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) for STAF-related questions in the Faculty CRDC Page.

  • STAF-5a.   Current Year Teacher

  • STAF-5b.   Previous Year Teacher

And, updated the same in the school pdf report and school submission file.


CRDC: Reinstate Items From 2017-2018 Report To The Sub-district CRDC Page

The following updates are made to the Sub-district CRDC page:

  • The existing “HIBD-2. Enter the web link to the LEA’s written policy” is renamed to “HIBD-3. Enter the web link to the LEA’s written policy prohibiting discriminatory harassment or bullying of students on the basis of sex, race/color/national origin, and disability?”

  • The CRDC Coordinator’s phone number field from CRCO-1, CRCO-2 question for the three people identified as Civil Rights Coordinators is no longer reported.

  • New prompts are added in the HIBD section


Ed-Fi: Fix for Missing Section Meeting Record

The issue has been resolved that prevents records from publishing with an error message “Missing Section Meeting Record”.


Ed-Fi: Student Grades Was Not Publishing

With a recent update, LearningStandards was not publishing due to a dependency on the parent learning standard. This has been fixed and learningStandards and Grades are now getting published.

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