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S_WY_REN_X (ver 15.8.0)

This table is an extension of the Reenrollments table.

Column Name


Data Type





Primary Key

MembershipType15.8.0Varchar2(1)Membership type (Home/Concurrent) of the student. Migrated from [Reenrollments.WY_MembershipType].
MostRecentDistEntryDate15.8.0DateMost recent district entry date of the student. Migrated from [Reenrollments.WY_mostRecentDistEntryDate].
HalfDay15.8.0Varchar2(1)Type of Kindergarten program (Full Day/Half Day) of the student. Migrated from [Reenrollments.wy_halfday].
LunchStatus15.8.0Varchar2(1)Lunch status of the student. Migrated from [Reenrollments.WY_LunchStatus].
StudentHomeSchooled15.8.0Varchar2(1)Indicates if the student is home schooled. Migrated from [Reenrollments.wy_studenthomeschooled].
Title115.8.0Varchar2(1)Indicates if the student is in a Title 1 program. Migrated from [Reenrollments.wy_title1].
IDEA17.6.0Varchar2(1)Student's eligibility for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) under IDEA. Migrated from [Reenrollments.wy_wy_idea].
VirtualEdStudent22.8.1Varchar2(1)Indicates if the student has more than 50 percent of classes delivered as virtual or distance education
ResidentSchoolID23.3.2Varchar2(7)Student's Resident School ID if this is different than the currently enrolled school.
Section50423.9.3Varchar2(10)Indicates if the student is to be identified as a Section 504 student
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