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How to Add Actions

Use the steps below to add actions to the incident. See the Appendix for code values.

  1. Click the Plus (plus) button next to Incident Elements.
  2. Choose Add Action from the pop-up menu.
  3. Choose the appropriate action code from the pop-up menu. If no action was taken, choose "N – No Action Taken."
  4. Enter the Action Date Range. The Begin Date is required, while the End Date is optional.
  5. Enter the Action Taken Detail (optional).
  6. Enter the Actual Resolution Date (optional).
  7. Choose the appropriate Duration Code for the duration of the disciplinary action from the pop-up menu.
  8. Enter the Assigned Duration and the Actual Duration fields regarding the duration of the disciplinary action.
  9. Enter Duration Notes if applicable.
  10. Enter the Action Change Reason if applicable.
  11. Choose Yes or No from the pop-up menu for each of the action attributes: Zero Tolerance, Full Year Expulsion, Shortened Expulsion, Police Notification, Arrest, and Alternative Placement.
  12. Click Add Action. The action appears under the Incident Elements heading.
  13. Click and drag the action to the appropriate offender. The action appears under the offender and is no longer listed under the Incident Elements heading.


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