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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-3008272022-23 World Language Program Update

Clarifying text is added to assist users in making multiple World Language Program selections on Courses.

PSSR-261963Ed-Fi Framework: Failed Delete Events Incorrectly Being Removed From The Dashboard

Problem: The order and timing of deletes isn’t always occurring correctly based on dependencies of each resource. For example, when a section is deleted, events are generated for section, studentSectionAssignment and staffSectionAssignment, etc. These records would process in any order, however, a section cannot be deleted until all dependent resources have been deleted. This results in a failed delete with the state ODS and this failure is not communicated back to the user, thus leaving the ODS and PowerSchool out of sync.

Solution: When delete events are published, they will now occur with the lowest record first back up to the highest record. This will result in studentSectionAssignment and staffSectionAssignment being published before section is published. This may not work correctly each time due to simultaneous publishing. If a record does fail, it will now appear in the Errors section on the dashboard with an error from the ODS stating that there is a dependency preventing the record from being deleted. The record will then retry the delete every 10 minutes up to 1 hour. After 1 hour, the record will remain as an error and reconciliation will need to be run to remove the dependencies.

PSSR-312106Ed-Fi: Send blank Extension if no values exists

On the CourseOffering and the StudentSectionAssociation resources, if there are no extension elements, we are publishing an EMPTY_ext/WI element. When this is blank, if there was any previous data on the state side, that will remove this data and clear things out as necessary.

PSSR-312367Ed-Fi: Students Resource - Legal Middle Name publishes if WISEdata Reported Name - Middle Name is blank

WI Ed-Fi Students

Description: The Students resource will now follow the same logic when publishing the name as Unique ID. If any WiseID name is populated, only WiseID names will be used. Otherwise if any Legal name is populated, only Legal names will be used. Otherwise the core names will be used.

PSSR-312258Ed-Fi: Updates in studentLanguageInstructionProgramAssocation

The LanguageInstructionProgramServiceDescriptor on the StudentLanguageInstructionProgramAssociation has been updated to include multiple values from the student's Language Instruction Services field.

PSSR-315377State/Province - WI Updates

The following updates are made:

A new link is created from the State/Province - WI page for WISEdata ELL/ESL Student Information that contains the following fields:

  • English Language Proficiency Classification
  • Current Year Screener Test
  • Composite English Language Proficiency Level
  • Language Instruction Services
  • Language Instruction Monitoring Year
  • Native Language Code

The following fields are removed from the WISEdata Student Information page:

  • Current Year Screener Test
  • Composite English Language Proficiency Level
  • Language Instruction Services
  • Language Instruction Monitoring Year
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