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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-289721All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning Preferences - LearningPreferences Field Update

The LearningPreferences field in the following tables and extensions has been lengthened to accommodate saved values up to 30 characters.

  • S_SCH_X
  • S_STU_LearningPreference_C
PSSR-291623All States/Provinces: Office Visit Details Report- PDF Version Available

Office Visit Details: Version 1.1

The Office Visit Details report, on the System Reports tab, has been updated and now has the option of producing a pdf result file.

The HTML version of this report is released as a part of PSSR-281819: ALSDE - New Health Visit Reports - HTML

PSSR-2885692022-23 Student Learning Modality New

A new page is created for Student Modality from the State/Province - WI link. The most current Student Modality displays on the WISEdata Student Info page.

PSSR-2851442022-23 Tribal Affiliation Update

Beginning in the 2022-23 school year DPI will accept only one Tribal Affiliation for a student. If more than one Tribal Affiliation is selected, Affiliation 1 will be sent to WISEdata. This applies to Districts using the Ancestry/ Ethnic Origins and Tribal Affiliation.

PSSR-292760Ed-Fi: Add 2022-23 Checkbox

New Checkbox for 2022-2023 School Year has been added to Ed-Fi Profile.

PSSR-284917Ed-Fi: Immunization Request using the wrong school year

Immunization requests are using an incorrect URL that assumes the 2021 school year. Modifications were made to specify the correct URL based on the school year context.

PSSR-291050Ed-Fi: Update ADA/ADM Calculation specific to the school

The Ed-Fi logic to calculate actualDaysAttendance and possibleDaysAttendance has been updated to report attendance data specific to each school. Previously, under some circumstances a student’s attendance records may have been duplicated and/or counted more than once causing attendance figures to be over reported.

PSSR-293772Student Learning Modality School Default Option

A Student Learning Modality default option is added to the Schools/Schools Info page to allow districts to set a Student Learning Modality default at the school level.

PSSR-294831Timely Initial Evaluations (Indicator 11)

Districts are now required to submit information for Special Education Evaluations (Timely Initial Evaluations Indicator 11).

Districts will need to setup a new Special Education Evaluation program (District > Enrollment > Special Programs > New > Special Education Evaluation). Once added at the District Office a program is added to the Special Programs page called ‘Special Education Evaluation’ with the following fields:

  • Entry Date
  • Exit Date (optional)
  • Idea Part Descriptor - This will be submitted to WISEdata as ‘Part B’
  • Eligibility Determination Date
  • Evaluation is Complete (checkbox)
  • Evaluation Delay Reason (if it occurred). Options are:
    • C - Child is Unavailable
    • I - Initial SLD Eval
    • T - Transfer
  • Evaluation Late Reason (optional)
  • IDEA Indicator (checkbox)

For more information please refer to the State Reporting Help.

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