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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-228696Birth Country Validation - Update

The following updates are added to the WISE ID Student Information and Choice Students page:

  • Only valid Country Codes are accepted.
  • Users may update the Birth Country by using “Clear Birth Country.”
PSSR-198957Choice Student Page - Update

The following validation is added:

  • If any of the Other fields including Suffix are entered, then both Other Last Name and Other First Name are required.
PSSR-227923Ed-Fi: Discipline Expulsions Producing Error

When publishing an expulsion in Ed-Fi, an error is displayed from the state indicating that the argument 'request' is either invalid or missing. This was due to the action length being published incorrectly. The value has been corrected and the records will now publish correctly.

PSSR-228601Ed-Fi: Food Service Not Publishing All Records

Ed-Fi now publishes Food Service program for each lunch record in the year.

PSSR-197224Ed-Fi: Homeless beginDate & endDate Validations

New dependencies have been added to Homeless publishing. A dependency now occurs when:

  • Two homeless records overlap (begin date is on or before the end date of the previous record).
  • Homeless record end date (if entered) is after the enrollment end date (enrollment end date is a day prior to enrollment exit date in UI).
PSSR-227404Ed-Fi: Publish CTE Student Program When Grade Has CE Data but Section Does Not

Ed-Fi now publishes a CTE Student Program based on the student being enrolled in a section that is marked as a CTE class or if the student has a Grade that is marked with the CTE information.

PSSR-223742Ed-Fi: Remove 18-19 Checkbox from V3

Removed the 2018-2019 school year checkbox from the Ed-Fi V3 profile.

PSSR-228537Ed-Fi: Update Publishing of Parent Placed Private

The location of Parent Placed Private indicator is moved from student Special Programs to the Student/Reenrollments record. The Ed-Fi logic has been updated to use the Parent Placed Private indicator on the Student/Reenrollment record instead of the Parent Placed Private indicator on Special Programs.

PSSR-227670Ed-Fi: Update Student Sections AttemptStatus

The logic for AttemptStatus in the Student Section Association resource has been updated to extract the status of "I" if the Course or Section is Exclude From State Reporting. If the Course/Section is NOT excluded, new logic has been added to extract an "S" if the student is enrolled in the Section until the end of the Sections term. Logic has also been modified to use the Years & Terms Final Store Code field when searching for a final grade.

PSSR-219286Ed-Fi: Use Only Valid Codes for Economic Disadvantaged Status

Ed-Fi now publishes only Y and N values for economic status and ignores other values.

PSSR-229021Historical Grades Career Technical Education (CTE) - Validation

The following validations are added:

  • If a Historical Grade record is tied to a Certified/Non-Certified Career Education Program at the Section level, a user will not be allowed to update the Certified/Non-Certified Career Education Program on the Historical Grade level.
  • Users will be notified when a Historical Grade is tied to a Section but the section is not associated with a Certified/Non-Certified Career Education Program.
PSSR-227826Improve Performance of Grades Publishing

Optimized the Grade publishing queries in V2 and V3 to reflect that it publishes in a reasonable time.

PSSR-227588Parent Placed Private - Update

The following updates are made:

  • For 2019/2020 and later - The Parent Placed Private indicator is located on the WISEdata Student Information page.
  • For 2018/2019 - The Parent Place Private indicator is moved to the Obsolete section of the Special Programs page.
  • If a student has a Special Ed Program and the Parent Placed Private indicator is set to Y or N on the Special Programs page the system will update the Wisedata Student Information Page and/or the Previous Enrollment Page as appropriate based on the enrollment dates for the 2019-2020 school year.
PSSR-229019Sections Page CTE Validation - Update

The following informational text is added under the Certified/Non-Certified Career Education Program drop-down list:

  • If this Section is a Certified Program, all students enrolled must receive a Certificated Programs Status Type (reported through Historical Grades)
PSSR-227902Special Programs Page - Update

The Student's date of birth and age are added to the page in read-only format.

PSSR-229497Student Exit Type - Update

When an Exit Type other than High School Completion (HSC) is entered, a student’s High School Completion Credential is removed.

PSSR-228751WISE ID Validation - Update

The following validations are added to WISE ID to prevent invalid entries:

  • Users can enter only a maximum of 10 digits.
  • Users cannot enter non-numeric data.
PSSR-198958WISEid Student Information Page - Update

The following validation is added:

  • If any of the Other fields including Suffix are entered, then both Other Last Name and Other First Name are required.
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