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Staff Setup

The following data elements are required for staff setup. The first three pages of navigation are removed for brevity:

Start Page > Staff > [Select Staff Member].

  1. On the Start Page, click Staff.
  2. Select a staff member or New Staff Entry.
  3. Select Edit Information for existing staff members.

Note: For more information on code values, see the Appendix.

Data Element

Additional Information

[Table] Field Name


Used in these Reports

Edit Information

Name (Last, First MI)

Enter the name.

Note: Use the format: LastName, FirstName MiddleName





Max 40
Max 20
Max 20
Max 15



WISEidEnter the WISEid assigned to the staff member.[S_WI_USR_X]WISEid_Staff10



DPI Entity ID (used for DPI Licensing)

Enter the staff member's DPI Entity ID. Click the link to navigate to the DPI Educator License Lookup Site





Ed-Fi PublishingClick the link to edit, publish or delete the staff member's Ed-Fi data N/AWISEStaff
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