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Exit Type

Enter Exit type from the following options.

The following exit codes must be defined for the district for WISEdata reporting.



TCTransfer to another WI school covered by WISEdata or continuing in the same school. Known to be continuing.
TNCTransfer to a WI school not covered by WISEdata. Known to be continuing.
TOSTransfer Out-of-State. Known to be Continuing.
ETC Expected transfer/ promotion to new school covered by WISEdata. Not known to be continuing.
INMInternational move. Not known to be continuing.
ISMInterstate move. Move to another state within the country. Not known to be continuing.
BCABelow Compulsory Age
HSCHigh School Completion
MAReached Maximum Age For Services
ODOOther Dropout or Possible Dropout
PCCPrior Completion Credential (Obsolete beginning 2022-23)
CECompassion Exit
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