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S_WA_STU_LAPINFO_C (ver 16.8.0)

This table is an child of the [STUDENTS] table. This table stores information about student Learning Assistance Program (LAP) enrollments.

Column Name


Data Type


ID16.8.0Number(11,0)      Primary Key for this table.
StudentsDCID16.8.0Number(11,0)Foreign key that relates the child table to the [Students] table.

The amount of academic growth gained by students participating in the LAP during the LAP enrollment period.


The raw score or scale score from the progress monitoring assessment.

DateBeginning16.8.0DateThe date that the initial progress monitoring assessment was given.
DateEnd16.8.0DateThe date that the final progress monitoring assessment was given.

The raw score or scale score from the progress monitoring assessment.


Extended day learning occurs outside the required basic education allotted time period and can include before-school hours, after-school hours, on Saturdays, and during the summer.


The measure that most heavily influences identification of student eligibility for LAP services.


Was it determined that the student no longer needed supplemental education services to meet standard in the general education classroom. The student is eligible to exit LAP.

ProgressMonitoringAssessment16.8.0Varchar2(3)The assessment that is used to monitor student progress.

This may or may not be the same assessment used in identification of eligibility.

SpecialProgramID16.8.0Number(11,0)Foreign key that relates the child table to the [SpecialPrograms] virtual table.

Interaction with a trained adult or peer using an intervention program or practice that addresses students’ unique academic needs during the regular school day.



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