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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-22307004_PS_Enroll – Exclude Students with Future Enrollments and Correct the ENRBEGDATE

04_PS_Enroll Report: Version 1.7

The 04_PS_Enroll report no longer includes future enrolled students. Additionally, the report pulls the correct ENRBEGDATE for the following scenarios:

  • Student has multiple transfers within the same school for the current school year.
  • Student is enrolled in summer school or other non-state reportable schools in the intervening timeframe.
  • Student returns to original school but has been away (out of the district or state, or home-schooled, or discontinued schooling).
  • Student has continuous enrollment in a particular school but has been coded incorrectly using an entry code of 01 or other code.
  • Student returns (at the beginning of a school year) to School A then goes to School B, then returns again to School A.
PSSR-2237735A_Public_PreK_Stu_Link Report Update

5A_Public_PreK_Stu_Link: Version 1.1
The 5A_Public_PreK_Stu_Link report is updated to include students that were enrolled in the PK program during the current school year but have transferred out.

PSSR-220963DC#05 Submission Not Pulling Tuitioned Students Only

00_Student_Identity: Version 1.2
01_TS_OrgLevel: Version 1.3
02_TS_Stu_ADMByEnrollingOrg: Version 1.3

The reports listed above now extract only students who are flagged as Tuition Students and their organization ID (ENRORGID) that is identified next to the Tuition Student flag for any 05_Tuition_Students_Official submission.

Note: For the 02_TS_Stu_ADMByEnrollingOrg report, where ADMDAYS are reported, only the days during which the student was Tuitioned are counted. For example, if the student was only Tuitioned on the last day of the ADM window, then they will be reported having 1 ADMDAY rather than 20.

PSSR-222063Extract Grade 13 as "AW" for State Reports

02_TS_Stu_ADMByEnrollingOrg: Version 1.4
05_PS_GradeProg: Version 1.7
17_CIRS_Offenders: Version 1.6
19_CIRS_Victims: Version 1.7

For the reports listed above, students in grade 13 are now extracted as grade "AW" per AOE requirements.

PSSR-221782New Option to Disable/Enable State/Province-VT Tabs at District Level

A new field, Disable or Enable the State/Province-VT, is added at the district-level on the
District Information page. This allows administrators to enable or disable viewing of student state pages.

PSSR-221580New Tuition Student Flag and Field for Organization Providing Services

Tuition Student Flag and Field for Organization Providing Services are added to the Current Enrollment, Previous Enrollment, and New Enrollment screens. This flag and the option for the Organization Providing Services must be selected for these students to appear on the DC#05 Submission reports.

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