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Incident Management: Action Codes and Subcodes

The following codes are used to assign disciplinary actions to incidents.

Divided into Subcodes? (Y/N)State Code

State Reportable? (Y/N)

Bus SuspensionN16 Y
Conference and Warning--StudentN2 Y
Conference and Warning--Student and parent/guardiaN3 Y
DetentionN4 Y
ExpulsionN5 Y
No action takenN14 Y
No finding (Hazing/Harassment only)N6 Y
OtherN15 Y
Referral to Alternative Program N8 Y
Suspension--In schoolY101 DayY
2 DayY
Suspension--Out of School

Y111 DayN
2 DaysY
3 DaysY
4 DaysY
5 DaysY
6+ DaysY
Unilateral Removal to Interim Alternative SettingN13 Y
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