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Descriptors (State Codes)

This category captures the descriptors defined by the state and used in subsequent publishing to the state, and contains the following resources and data views.

Descriptors (State Codes)

The Ed-Fi Descriptor resource is used to describe metadata about the descriptors and their structure. It is used to define enumeration vocabularies that are not fixed within the XML schema, but are loaded in XML files and linked to their source. 

  • Descriptors provide states, districts, vendors, and other users of the Ed-Fi solution with the flexibility to use their own enumerations and code sets without modifying the Ed-Fi core schema.
  • Descriptor values are defined at the state level and downloaded from the state.
  • This information is downloaded and stored in PowerSchool publishing tables and used with data quality checks to ensure all data is compliant before uploading to the ODS.
  • As Ed-Fi data is subsequently published to the state, any element in the resource table with a Data Type of Descriptor will be output using one of the valid code values specified by the state.

To download descriptor code values, select [Run Now] on the main dashboard page.

Downloaded Code Set Summary

This view proves a summary of the valid descriptor code sets defined and downloaded into PowerSchool. The view captures the Code Set Name, the Description, the number of Code Values Defined, and the Last Update. The download may include Descriptors used in the current Arizona Ed-Fi implementation, as well as items defined by the state for potential future use. 

Downloaded Code Set Values

This view captures a complete list of Descriptor values by code set. Descriptors are used to categorize data for publishing to the state dashboards. The view captures the Code Set Name, Code Value, Description, Effective Begin Date, and Effective End Date (if applicable).

In some cases, local district and school codes must be mapped to these state descriptor values in order for data to be successfully published. The Ed-Fi Codeset Mappings page can be found by district personnel on the System Administrator page. Refer to the Code Set Mappings section of the PowerSchool Data Exchange documentation for more information. If this page contains no data, then select [Run Now] on the main dashboard page to request descriptor code values to be downloaded. Other elements may be provided by the state as internal references, but are not displayed in the PowerSchool view.

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