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Course Term Codes

Choose the code for the course term.

[Blank]Not Set
FULLFull School Year
MINI1Mini-term 1
MINI10Mini-term 10
MINI11Mini-term 11
MINI12Mini-term 12
MINI13Mini-term 13
MINI14Mini-term 14
MINI15Mini-term 15
MINI2Mini-term 2
MINI3Mini-term 3
MINI4Mini-term 4
MINI5Mini-term 5
MINI6Mini-term 6
MINI7Mini-term 7
MINI8Mini-term 8
MINI9Mini-term 9
MININMultiple Non-consecutive Mini-terms
MINIXMultiple Mini-terms
QIN1First Quinmester
QIN2Second Quinmester
QIN3Third Quinmester
QIN4Fourth Quinmester
QIN5Fifth Quinmester
QINNMultiple Non-consecutive Quinmesters
QINXMultiple Quinmesters
QTR1First Quarter
QTR2Second Quarter
QTR3Third Quarter
QTR4Fourth Quarter
QTRNMultiple Non-Consecutive Quarters
QTRXMultiple Quarters
SEM1First Semester
SEM2Second Semester
SUMRSummer Term
TRI1First Trimester
TRI2Second Trimester
TRI3Third Trimester
TRINMultiple Non-consecutive Trimesters
TRIXMultiple Trimesters
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