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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-221444Add Validation For the Resident Division and Full Time Virtual Program Code Fields

Page validation is added to alert administrators when a student is identified as participating in a virtual program but does not have a value for the Resident Division field. Virtual program participation is indicated when a student has a value selected for Full Time Virtual Program. If the student is not participating in a virtual program, an additional alert will display if Resident Division is populated. The alert messages display upon page submission and clear when OK is selected.

PSSR-230471Enrollment Data Extract: Extract Legal Gender

Enrollment Data Extract: Version 1.3

The Enrollment Data Extract is updated to consider the Legal Gender ([StudentCoreFields]PSCore_Legal_Gender) field when reporting the student's gender. If this field is populated, then the stored value is extracted; otherwise, the value stored in [Student]Gender is extracted.

PSSR-228385Enrollment Data Extract: Update to Consider Alternate_School_Number

Enrollment Data Extract: Version 1.3

Additional logic is added to the extract to consider the school's alternate school number ([Schools]Alternate_School_Number). If this field is populated, the stored value is extracted for the School/Site Number element; otherwise, the [Schools]School_Number value is extracted.

PSSR-228597Enrollment History of Course/Sections with Industry Credential Exams Update

When viewing the Industry Credential Exam student tab, courses associated with a credential exam are now displayed in the "Enrollment History of Course/Sections with Industry Credential Exams Attached" section. The information displayed is based on the student's enrollment in any course where a credential exam is assigned.

PSSR-231704Intensive Support Services Codes: Additional Values

On the Start Page >Student Selection > Transfer Info (Current/Previous) > Special Education Information page, the Codes link for the Intensive Support Services Code field is updated to include three additional code values. The drop-down list now includes the values 28, 29, and 30 with their corresponding program names.

PSSR-228402SOL Graduation Status Update Report Update

SOL Graduation Status Update Report version: 1.2

The Federal Math and Federal Science fields are updated in the report to consider only qualifying SOL tests where the grade level is 9 or higher. If the qualifying SOL test for either subject was taken prior to grade 9, the field is set to No.

PSSR-220885Student Record Collection Report (EOY): Update logic to Consider CRDC Seclusion and Restraint Fields

Student Record Collection Report (EOY): Version 3.9

The EOY Student Record Collection Report is updated for fields 120 and 121. The logic is updated to first consider the indicators in [S_VA_LOG_CRDC_X] for seclusion and restraint in a student's log entry prior to looking at the [S_VA_LOG_X] seclusion and restraint fields. If either are indicated, the count reflects accordingly.

PSSR-230539Student Record Collection: 2019-2020 Submission - EOY Report

Student Record Collection - EOY: Version 3.8

The Student Record Collection - Spring report is updated to meet the 2019-2020 state reporting requirements. The report format includes the following new fields:

  • Unexcused Absence - Truancy
  • Unexcused Absence - Locally Defined
  • Attendance Plan Code 2019
  • Attendance Conference Code 2019
  • Court Referral Code 2019
  • Early Intervening Services Flag (IDEA Part B)
  • Seclusion
  • Restraint
  • Locally Awarded Verified Credits
  • Special Permission Locally Awarded Verified Credits
  • Credit Accommodation Codes
  • Intensive Support Services Code

In addition, the following changes are included in this update:

  • The header for fields NAEP Homeroom Identifier, Unexcused Absences, MOP Flag, MOP Number of Classes, Credit Accommodation Flag, Attendance Plan, Attendance Conference, Court Referral are displayed as retired. Data is no longer extracted for these fields.
  • The fields Unexcused Absence - Truancy and Unexcused Absence - Locally Defined are calculated and require Attendance Code Category setup.
  • Attendance Plan Code 2019, Attendance Conference Code 2019, Court Referral Code 2019, Early Intervening Services Flag (IDEA Part B), Seclusion, Restraint, Special Permission Locally Awarded Verified Credits, Credit Accommodation Codes, and Intensive Support Services Code are extracted as stored. Early Intervening Services Flag (IDEA Part B) extracts as 'N' when NULL.
  • Locally Awarded Verified Credits is counted using student Test Scores where Performance Level is set to 99, unless a value is entered on the General Tab for Locally Awarded Verified Credit Override to indicate the value to be reported.
  • Filler 114, Filler 115, Filler 116, Filler 117, Filler 118 are included in the report format.
PSSR-232398Student Record Collection: Not subtracting ‘Days Unscheduled' from 'Aggregate Days Present'

Student Record Collection - Spring: Version 3.8

The reporting logic for Aggregate Days Present is updated to subtract the total number of Unscheduled Days from the total number of Aggregate Days Present when the run-time parameter "Do you want to include All Fields" is set to No. This calculation is performed in the background and is executed at report run-time.

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