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SCED Subject Areas

See the following SCED subject areas.



Secondary (2015-2016)

01English Language and Literature
03Life and Physical Sciences
04Social Sciences and History
05Fine and Performing Arts
06Foreign Language and Literature (2015-2016 and before)
07Religious Education and Theology
08Physical, Health, and Safety Education
09Military Science
10Computer and Information Sciences
11Communication and Audio/Visual Technology
12Business Marketing
14Health Care Sciences
15Public, Protective, and Government Services
16Hospitality and Tourism
17Architecture and Construction
18Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
19Human Services

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

21Engineering and Technology
23Prior to Secondary
24Foreign Language

Prior to Secondary

The below codes will no longer be used for MSC 2016-2017

51English Language and Literature
53Life and Physical Sciences
54Social Sciences and History
55Fine and Performing Arts
56Foreign Language and Literature
57Religious Education and Theology
58Physical, Health, and Safety Education
60Computer and Information Sciences


Communication and Audio/Visual Technology
62Business and Marketing
64Health Care Sciences
65Public, Protective, and Government Services
66Hospitality and Tourism
67Architecture and Construction
68Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
69Human Services
70Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
71Engineering and Technology
73Nonsubject Specific Subject Area
99Virginia-specific courses
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