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S_VA_STU_TestResult_C (ver 14.9.1)

This table is a child table of the [Students] table and stores students' test results.

Column Name


Data Type





System generated Primary Key.

StudentsDCID14.9.0Number(10,0)Foreign Key to Students table.
Time_Of_Year14.9.0Varchar2(1)Time of year test was taken.
Test_Date 14.9.0DateDate of test.
Test_Scaled_Score 14.9.0Varchar2(10)Test score.
Report_Cat_Scaled_Score1 14.9.0Number(11,0)Reporting category Scaled Score1
Report_Cat_Scaled_Score2 14.9.0Number(11,0)Reporting category Scaled Score2
Report_Cat_Scaled_Score3 14.9.0Number(11,0)Reporting category Scaled Score3
Report_Cat_Scaled_Score4 14.9.0Number(11,0)Reporting category Scaled Score4
Report_Cat_Scaled_Score5 14.9.0Number(11,0)Reporting category Scaled Score5
Report_Cat_Scaled_Score6 14.9.0Number(11,0)Reporting category Scaled Score6
Report_Cat_Scaled_Score7 14.9.0Number(11,0)Reporting category Scaled Score7
DivisionNumber 14.9.0Varchar2(20)Division number of the division serving the student.
SchoolNumber 14.9.0Varchar2(20)School number of the school serving the student.
GradeLevel 14.9.0Number(11,0)Grade level of student.
S_VA_TEST_SID 14.9.0Number(11,0)Foreign Key to S_VA_Test_S table.
S_VA_SUBTEST_CID 14.9.0Number(11,0)Foreign Key to S_VA_SubTest_C table.
S_VA_TEST_PERFLEVEL_SID 14.9.0Number(11,0)Foreign Key to S_VA_Test_PerfLevel_S table.
CST_DATAIMPORTLOGID 14.9.0Number(11,0)

Foreign key to CST_DataImportLog table.

Assessment_UIN19.3.0varchar2(25)Assessment unique identifier
SpecialPerm_LocalAwardFlag19.8.2.0Number(1,0)Indicates special permission given for locally awarded verified credits earned for SRC reporting only.
SRI_ReTest_Indicator19.12.1.0Varchar2(1)Indicates whether results are related to a Retest.
SRI_GroupName19.12.1.0Varchar2(10)Indicates whether group name results are related to a Retest.
SRI_GroupCode19.12.1.0Varchar2(10)Indicates whether group code results are related to a Retest.
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