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Incident Management: Persistently Dangerous School Attribute Codes

Persistently Dangerous School CodeDescription
HO3Homicide-Staff-Other Weapon
HO4Homicide-Student-Other Weapon
SX3Sexual Assault Against Staff
SX4Sexual Assault Against Student
SX5Attempted Sexual Assault Against Staff
SX6Attempted Sexual Assault Against Student
WP7Use of a Bomb
BA1Assault Against Staff with Firearm or Weapon
BA3Assault Against Student with Firearm or Weapon
RO1Actual or Attempted Robbery
BA5Malicious Wounding without a Weapon
SX8Aggravated Sexual Battery on a Student
WP1Illegal Possession of Handgun
WP2Illegal Possession of Rifle or Shotgun
WP4Illegal Possession of Any Other Projectile Weapon
WP6Illegal Possession of Bomb
WP8Illegal Possession of Other Firearms
DR4Illegal Possession of Controlled Drugs and Substances with Intent to Distribute or Sell
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