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Incident Management: Attribute Codes and Subcodes

Duration Codes
Object Codes
Firearm Weapons Confiscated/Non-Confiscated
Non-Firearm Weapons Confiscated/Non-Confiscated
Firearm Weapons Confiscated/Non-Confiscated(1) Handgun/Pistol

(2) Shotgun/Rifle

(3) More than one firearm

(4) Other Firearm
Non-Firearm Weapons Confiscated/Non-Confiscated(5) Non-firearm weapon (For  Behavior Code PD6)
Unknown Offender Code^
Sub Codes
(2) Person Beyond School Age^
(3) Other/Unknown^
Participant Attribute Codes
Unknown Offender Code^
Action Attribute
Aggravating Circumstances Flag^
Law Enforcement Flag^
Attribute Codes

Student Victims^

Staff Victims^

Other Adult Victims^

Other/Unknown Victims^

*Note: Each has a count from 1 through 5 and a comment field to enter a number beyond 5.

Indeterminate Victim Flag^

Victims^ (Subcodes)
    Student Victims^ - Do Not Use 2022
    Staff Victims^ - Do Not Use 2022
    Other Adult Victims^ - Do Not Use 2022
    Other/Unknown Victims^ - Do Not Use 2022
    Indeterminate Victim Flag^ - Do Not Use 2022
    (CAHO) Court Appointed Hearing Officer

(1) School-Aged Person^
(2) Person Beyond School Age^
(3) Other/Unknown^
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