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S_UT_SEN_X (ver 15.7.4)

This is an extension of the SpEnrollments table.

Column Name


Data Type




primary key
IsOnePercent14.9.0Varchar2(10)Is One Percent: (1% Alternative Assessment )
ExcludeYICMembership14.9.0Number(1)Exclude YIC Membership
DJJSFacility14.9.0Varchar2(10)DJJS Facility
IsNeglectedAndDelinquent14.9.0Varchar2(10)Neglected and Delinquent
EducationalSetting15.7.0Varchar2(5)Environment (Educational Setting). Migrated from [SpEnrollments.UT_EducationalSetting].
ReasonForChange15.7.4Varchar2(500)Reason For Change. Migrated from [SpEnrollments.UT_ReasonForChange].
RegularEducationPortion15.7.0 Varchar2(5)Regular Percent. Migrated from [SpEnrollments.UT_RegularEducationPortion].


Program Membership. Migrated from [SpEnrollments.UT_S2_S3_Mem].
YICCustodyType15.7.0Varchar2(8)Custody Type (Required for YIC). Migrated from [SpEnrollments.UT_YICCustodyType].
TestDate15.7.0 DateTest Date. Migrated from [SpEnrollments.UT_TestDate].
ExtSchoolYear15.7.3Number(1)Valid for grades Pre-12. If the LEA is required by the student IEP team to provide Extended School Year (ESY) services at any time during the prior school year (including the summer after the year ends) mark YES.
Autism18.5.0Number(1)Autism for 504 Special Program
BrainInjConcussionImprmnt18.5.0Number(1)Brain Injury or Concussion Impairment for 504 Special Program
HearingImprmnt18.5.0Number(1)Hearing Impairment for 504 Special Program
LearningImprmnt18.5.0Number(1)Learning Impairment for 504 Special Program
MajorBodilyFunctionImprmnt18.5.0Number(1)Major Bodily Function Impairment for 504 Special Program
MedicalImprmnt18.5.0Number(1)Medical Impairment for 504 Special Program
MentalHealthImprmnt18.5.0Number(1)Mental Health Impairment for 504 Special Program
OrthopedicImprmnt18.5.0Number(1)Orthopedic Impairment for 504 Special Program

Other Impairment for 504 Special Program

ResTreatmentCenter23.10.2.0Varchar2(7)Residential Treatment Center

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