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S_TX_STU_SR_DISC_C (ver 16.11.0)

This table is a child of the Students table and is used for storing discipline data that was migrated from the SRUSER Student_Discipline table.

Column Name


Data Type


CRDC_BULLYING16.11.0VARCHAR2(1)Indicates this incident is to be reported on CRDC as an offender of bullying.
CRDC_BULLYINGVICTIM16.11.0VARCHAR2(1)Indicates this incident is to be reported on CRDC as a victim of bullying.
CRDC_CORPPUN_YN16.11.0VARCHAR2(15)Indicates this incident is to be reported on CRDC as involving corporal punishment.
CRDC_DISC_TRANSFER16.11.0VARCHAR2(1)Indicates the type of discipline transfer for this incident for CRDC reporting.
CRDC_OFFENSE_CATEGORY16.11.0VARCHAR2(2)Indicates the type of offense for this incident for CRDC reporting.
CRDC_REFERLAW_YN16.11.0VARCHAR2(15)Indicates that this incident resulted in a referral to law enforcement for CRDC reporting.
CRDC_REPORTBULLYING16.11.0VARCHAR2(1)Indicates this incident is to be reported as an allegation of harassment/bullying for CRDC reporting.
CRDC_SCHOOLARREST_YN16.11.0VARCHAR2(15)Indicates that this incident resulted in a school arrest for CRDC reporting.
CRDC_ZEROTOLERANCE_YN16.11.0VARCHAR2(15)Indicates that the action taken on this incident was based on a zero tolerance policy that the district has for CRDC reporting.
DISC_ADMINISTRATOR16.11.0VARCHAR2(50)The staff person that made the decision about the action to be taken for this incident.
DISC_LOCAL_ACTION_CODE16.11.0VARCHAR2(50)Any local action code that was assigned to this incident.
DISC_SCHOOL_ID16.11.0VARCHAR2(15)The school number where the incident occurred.
DISC_TEACHER16.11.0VARCHAR2(50)The teacher reporting the incident.
E1003_CAMPUS_OF_ASSIGN16.11.0VARCHAR2(15)Campus ID of Assignment
E1005_ACTION_CODE16.11.0VARCHAR2(15)The action reported on the incident.
E1006_ACTION_REASON16.11.0VARCHAR2(15)The behavior reported on the incident.
E1007_DURATION_ASSIGN16.11.0NUMBER(11,0)The number of days the action is assigned.
E1008_DURATION_ACTUAL16.11.0NUMBER(11,0)The actual number of days the action was served.
E1009_LENGTH_DIFF16.11.0VARCHAR2(15)The reason there is a difference between the assigned days and the actual days.
E1016_INC_NUMBER16.11.0VARCHAR2(50)The state incident number.
E1036_ACTION_DATE16.11.0DATEThe date the action began.
E1037_CAMPUS_OF_RESP16.11.0VARCHAR2(15)The Campus ID of Responsibility for the incident.
E1083_BEHAVIOR_LOC16.11.0VARCHAR2(2)The Behavior Location Code.
E1227_INCIDENTTIME16.11.0VARCHAR2(5)The time the incident occurred.
E1228_INCIDENTLOCATION16.11.0VARCHAR2(2)The location where the incident took place.
E1413_STUDENTDISCIPLINE16.11.0VARCHAR2(2)Student Participation Code for TSDS Dashboard.
EXCLUDE_FROM_DASHBOARD16.11.0VARCHAR2(1)Indicates if the incident should be reported in the Dashboard extract.
EXCLUDE_FROM_PEIMS16.11.0NUMBER(1,0)Indicates if the incident should be reported in the PEIMS extract.
ID16.11.0NUMBER(10,0)Primary key
INCIDENT_DATE16.11.0DATEThe date the incident occurred.
RECORD_ID16.11.0NUMBER(11,0)The record id from the SRUSER Student_Discipline table.
STUDENTSDCID16.11.0NUMBER(10,0)The foreign key to link to the student table.

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