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S_TX_STU_ECC_C (Version 22.3.2)

This table is a child of the Students table and is used to track student participation in Extra and Co-Curricular Activities.

Column Name


Data Type




Primary Key.

StudentsDCID22.3.2NUMBER(10,0)The foreign key to link to the student table.
CampusID22.3.2VarChar2(9)The student's campus of enrollment for the ECC record.
Comments22.3.2VarChar2(100)Optional comments for the record.
ECC_Indicator22.3.2VarChar2(3)The TEA ECC Indicator Code for the activity.
Reporting_Period22.3.2VarChar2(2)The reporting period for the record.
YearID22.3.2Number(11,0)The School Year to which the activity record belongs; stored as the two-digit Term ID such as 31 for the 2021-22 school year.
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