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This table is a child of the Students table and stores data for the TSDS Charter School Waitlist Collection.

Column Name


Data Type


ID20.7.2.0Number(10,0)Primary key.
StudentsDCID20.7.2.0Number(10,0)The foreign key to link to the student table.
Exclude_Waitlist20.7.2.0Number(1,0)Indicates that the student and record should be excluded from the charter school waitlist. This field is initially provided as a placeholder and may not be needed pending clarification of the TEA reporting requirements.
Waitlist_Campus_ID20.7.2.0Varchar2(9)The nine-digit CDC number of the charter school campus whose waitlist the student is on as of the last Friday in September.
Waitlist_Comment20.7.2.0Varchar2(250)Optional, local use field for comments pertaining to the record.
Waitlist_Effective_Date20.7.2.0DateThe effective date for the student's charter waitlist status.
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