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S_TX_SEN_ESL_X (ver 16.7.0)

This table is an extension of the Special Enrollments table and stores ESL/BIL/LEP data for the state.

Column Name


Data Type


ID16.7.0Number(11,0)Primary key.
SPEnrollmentsDCID16.7.0Number(10,0)Foreign key.
Dual_Lang_Assmt_Met_Date19.8.1.0DateIndicates the date that a student achieved proficiency in both English and a language other than English as demonstrated by scores of proficient or higher on the reading and speaking domains on language proficiency or achievement tests in both languages.
Dual_Lang_Completion_Year19.8.1.0Number(11,0)Indicates the school year the student completed a five-year dual language immersion program offered at an elementary campus. 
Dual_Lang_Language19.8.1.0Varchar2(2)Indicates the language other than English that the student studied under the dual language immersion program.
Dual_Lang_Year19.8.1.0Varchar2(2)Identifies which year in a series of school years (first-fifth) that a student is participating in a dual language immersion program at the elementary campus.
E0790_LEP_Indicator16.7.0Varchar2(1)The LEP indicator code.
E0896_Parental_Permission16.7.0Varchar2(1)The parent permission code.
E1028_Bil_ESL_SUMR16.7.0Number(1,0)The bilingual summer school indicator code.
E1042_Bilingual_Program16.7.0Varchar2(1)The bilingual program type.
E1043_ESL_Program16.7.0Varchar2(1)The ESL program type.

Indicates the type of alternative language program in which the student participated.

E1708_Prior_Bil_ESL_SUMR21.6.2.0Number(1,0)The prior bilingual summer school indicator code.
SIFE16.7.0Number(1,0)The SIFE Code.
TELPAS_Alt18.11.0Number(1,0)The Telpas Alternate Code.
TELPAS_Code16.7.0Varchar2(1)The Telpas Code.
Year_US_Schools16.7.0Varchar2(1)The number of years in US Schools.
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