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S_TX_SEN_CTE_X (ver 16.7.0)

This table is an extension of the Special Enrollments table and stores Career and Technology data for the state.

Column Name


Data Type


AUTOCODE_STATUS20.12.1.0Varchar2(100)Holds an auto-generated message based on the student’s schedule.
E0031_CTE_IND16.7.0Varchar2(1)Career and tech indicator code.
E0031_CTE_OVERRIDE16.9.6Varchar2(1)Career and tech indicator code.
E0829_SINGLEPAR_PREGTEEN16.7.0Varchar2(1)Single parent or pregnant teen.
E0917_CTE_TRANS16.7.0Number(1,0)Transportation services.
E1039_DISPLACED_HOMEMAKER16.7.0Number(1,0)Displaced homemaker.
EXCLUDE_VOC_HOURS16.7.0Number(11,0)Exclude from voc hours.
SPENROLLMENTSDCID16.7.0Number(10,0)Foreign key.

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