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S_TX_SEN_ATRISK_X (ver 21.9.2)

This table is an extension of the Special Enrollments table and stores At Risk data for the state.

Column Name


Data Type


SPENROLLMENTSDCID16.7.0Number(10,0)Foreign key.
E0919_7_12_FAILEDCRS16.7.0Number(1,0)Student failed a course.
E0919_ALT_ED16.7.0Number(1,0)Student was enrolled in an alternative education program.
E0919_ATRISK_IND16.7.0Number(1,0)At Risk Indicator.
E0919_DEPT_PRO_REG16.7.0Number(1,0)Student is in the custody of Dept. of Protective and Regulatory Services or has been referred to the department.
E0919_DROPOUT16.7.0Number(1,0)Student was previously reported as a drop out.
E0919_EXPELLED16.7.0Number(1,0)Student had an expulsion.
E0919_INCARCERATION19.9.2.0Number(1,0)Student or student's parents have been incarcerated.
E0919_FAILED_STATE_ASSESS16.7.0Number(1,0)Student failed the state assessment.
E0919_HOMELESS16.7.0Number(1,0)Student is homeless.
E0919_LEP16.7.0Number(1,0)Student is LEP.
E0919_PAROLE16.7.0Number(1,0)Student is currently on parol, probation, deferred prosecution or other conditional release.
E0919_PK_3_READINESS16.7.0Number(1,0)Did not perform satisfactorily on readiness test current school year.
E0919_PREG_PARENT16.7.0Number(1,0)Student is pregnant or a parent.
E0919_RES_PLACE_FACILITY16.7.0Number(1,0)Student resided in residential placement facility.
E0919_RETAINED16.7.0Number(1,0)Student was retained.
E0919_DROPREC_ADULTED21.9.2Number(1,0)Student is Dropout Recovery Schl/Adult Ed Prog

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