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S_TX_SEC_ADD_STAFF_C (ver 16.12.1)

This table is a child of the Sections table.

Column Name


Data Type


E0721_ROLE_ID16.12.1VARCHAR2(3)The role id of the staff member.
E1065_BEGIN_DATE16.12.1DATEThe date the staff began their role on this section.
E1066_END_DATE16.12.1DATEThe date the staff ended their role on this section.
E1067_CLASS_ROLE_ID16.12.1VARCHAR2(2)The class role for this staff member for this section.
ID16.12.1NUMBER(10,0)Primary Key
SECTIONSDCID16.12.1NUMBER(10,0)The foreign key that links the table to the Sections table.
SECTIONS_STAFF_TEACHER_NAME16.12.1VARCHAR2(50)The name of the staff person.
SECTIONS_STAFF_TEACHER_NUM16.12.1VARCHAR2(25)The teacher number of the staff person.

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