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S_TN_AUD_EXTRACT_031_S (ver 18.10.0)

This table is a standalone Audit table for the Extract 31.

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription
ChangedCoreColumnNames18.10.0Varchar2(4000)List of column names changed.
DataVersion18.10.0Varchar2(50)Generated identifier of the data change event.
DMLDate18.10.0DateData Transaction Date.
DML_Type18.10.0Varchar2(5)Data Transaction Type.
E_AddlSchoolID18.10.0Number(11,0)Additional SchoolID to generate EIS 030 records for this section (logical key).
E_Course_Number18.10.0Varchar2(11)Course code for this course (logical key).
E_DCID18.10.0Number(11,0)DCID (logical key)
E_ID18.10.0Number(11,0)ID (logical key)
E_InstructionalProgramNbr18.10.0Varchar2(2)(logical key)
E_SchoolID18.10.0Number(11,0)ID of the school to which the updated section is attached (logical key).
E_Section_Number18.10.0Varchar2(10)Section Number of the updated section (logical key).
E_SectionsDCID18.10.0Number(11,0)DCID of the updated section (logical key).
E_TermID18.10.0Number(11,0)ID of the term to which the updated record is attached (logical key).
N_Course_Number18.10.0Varchar2(11)New course code for this course.
N_Expression18.10.0Varchar2(80)New expression for the updated section.
N_Id18.10.0Number(11,0)New ID.
N_InstructionalProgramNbr18.10.0Varchar2(2)New instructional program number.
N_OtherPrimarySchools18.10.0Varchar2(2500)New other primary schools.
N_Section_Number18.10.0Varchar2(10)New section number of the updated section.
O_Course_Number18.10.0Varchar2(11)Old course code for this course.
O_Expression18.10.0Varchar2(80)Old expression for the updated section.
O_Id18.10.0Number(11,0)Old ID
O_InstructionalProgramNbr18.10.0Varchar2(2)Old instructional program number.
O_OtherPrimarySchools18.10.0Varchar2(2500)Old other primary schools.
O_Section_Number18.10.0Varchar2(10)Old section number of the updated section.
SchoolYear18.10.0Varchar2(4)School year of the updated record.
StateEventQueueDCID18.10.0Number(11,0)DCID for the record created in the StateEventQueue.
TableName18.10.0Varchar2(50)Name of the table that had a change.
UserID18.10.0Varchar2(11)User ID of the user who made the change.
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