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S_TN_AUD_EXTRACT_020_S (ver 18.5.0)

This table is a standalone Audit table for the Extract 20.

Column NameVersionData TypeDescription
DML_Type18.5.0Varchar2(5)Data Transaction Type.
DMLDate18.5.0DateData Transaction Date.
ChangedCoreColumnNames18.5.0Varchar2(4000)List of column names changed.
UserID18.5.0Varchar2(11)User ID who made the change.
DataVersion18.5.0Varchar2(50)Generated identifier of the data change event.
StateEventQueueDCID18.5.0Number(11,0)DCID of record saved in the StateEventQueue
TableName18.5.0Varchar2(30)Name of the table that had a change.
SchoolYear18.5.0Varchar2(4)School year of the record that had a change.
E_SchoolsDCID18.5.0Number(11,0)DCID of the schools record associated with record that changed (logical key).
E_ID18.5.0Number(11,0)ID of record that changed (logical key).
E_SchoolID18.5.0Number(11,0)ID of the schools record associated with record that changed (logical key).
E_YearID18.5.0Number(11,0)ID number of the school year associated with record that changed (logical key).
E_CalendarNumber18.5.0Varchar2(2)Calendar number for the record that changed (logical key).
E_InstructionalProgramNumber18.5.0Varchar2(2)Instructional program number for the record that changed (logical key).
O_CalendarNumber18.5.0Varchar2(2)Old calendar number.
O_InstructionalProgramNumber18.5.0Varchar2(2)Old instructional program number.
O_InstructionalCalendar18.5.0Varchar2(1)Old instructional calendar type.
O_StudentDayLength18.5.0Number(11,0)Old student day length.
O_TeacherDayLength18.5.0Number(11,0)Old teacher day length.
O_Stockpile_PDD18.5.0Number(11,0)Old number of stockpile professional development days.
O_BlockSchedule18.5.0Number(11,0)Old block schedule indicator (Y/N).
O_SpringBlockScheduleDate18.5.0DateOld spring block begin date.
N_CalendarNumber18.5.0Varchar2(2)New calendar number.
N_InstructionalProgramNumber18.5.0Varchar2(2)New instructional program number.
N_InstructionalCalendar18.5.0Varchar2(1)New instructional calendar type.
N_StudentDayLength18.5.0Number(11,0)New student day length.
N_TeacherDayLength18.5.0Number(11,0)New teacher day length.
N_Stockpile_PDD18.5.0Number(11,0)New number of stockpile professional development days.
N_BlockSchedule18.5.0Number(11,0)New block schedule indicator (Y/N).
N_SpringBlockScheduleDate18.5.0DateNew spring block begin date.
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