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School Setup


The following data elements are required for school setup. The first two pages of navigation are removed for brevity:

Start Page > School Setup.

  1. On the Start Page, click the School link. The school list appears.
  2. Choose a school from the pop-up menu. The school start page appears.
  3. Click School. The School Setup page appears.

Note: For more information on code values see the Appendix.

Data Element

Additional Information



Used in these Reports

AM and PM periods

For attendance to be taken on a daily basis (typically in an elementary school), create the period abbreviations to be used e.g. ‘AM’ and ‘PM’ for attendance taken twice a day.

These periods MUST be reserved for AM/PM attendance (aka “daily”) recording, both for a particular school and at the District level



SK Student Attendance Report

Sections > [select course] > [select section] > Edit Section

Course Number

Enter the course number for the section.



SK Current Classes

SK Student Class Registrations

Student Class Mark


Choose the term for the section from the pop-up menu.



Required Setup


Select the meeting schedule for the section.

Sections that are recording period (in lieu of daily or AM/PM) attendance should not utilize the periods reserved for AM/PM (aka daily) attendance.


[Section_Meeting]SectionID = [Sections]ID


Required Setup

SK Student Attendance Report

Teacher (Lead)

Choose the teacher for the section from the pop-up menu.

[Users]First_Name and [Users]Last_Name where [SectionTeacher]TeacherID = [SchoolStaff]ID AND [Roledef]ID=[SectionTeacher]roleID AND [Roledef]islocked = 1


SK Current Classes

Student Class Mark

Section Number

Enter the section number.



SK Current Classes

SK Student Class Registrations

Student Class Mark

Exclude from Attendance? (used in counting towards ADA Calculations)

Set this value if attendance taken in this section should NOT be included in the SK Student Attendance Report



SK Student Attendance Report

How the final mark is to be derived for this class?

Choose final mark source.


Database Values:

Blank = 100% School Mark

Blended = Blended school and departmental marks (60% / 40%)


SK Student Class Registrations

Mode of Instruction

Choose mode of instruction.


Database Values:

Blank = Classroom Instruction

Distance = Distance Learning


SK Current Classes

Departmental Exam Registration Type

Choose departmental exam registration type.


Database Values:

Blank = Does Not Apply

Class = With Class

Supplemental = Supplemental Exam

Adult = Adult Challenge


SK Student Class Registrations

The end date of the departmental exam period

Enter the end date of the departmental exam period.



Student External Course

Departmental Exam Writing Center

Choose the departmental exam writing center.



Student External Course

Subject Code

For valid values, see the Appendix.



SK Electronic Educator Profile (EEP) Report

Previously Used Class ID

Optionally enter the pre-existing ID for this class.  This value would have been used when the class was created using the SDS web site.



SK Current Classes

SK Student Class Registrations

Student Class Mark

Course Type

Optionally set this to ‘H’ – Homeroom to indicate this is the default homeroom class for enrolled students.  Note this will override other courses taken by the students that are marked as ‘Homeroom’ at the course level.



SK Student Enrollments

Final grades are required for the SK Import Student Marks (formerly Import Blended and Transfer Marks). The following outlines requirements for this feature only.


Enter the name of the store code.



Required for Import

Starting Date

Enter the first day of a year term



Required for Import

Ending Date

Enter the last day of the term.



Required for Import


Enter the name of the term.



Required Setup


Enter an abbreviation for the term.



Required Setup

First Day of Term

Enter the first day of the term.



SK Current Classes

SK Student Class Registrations

Student Class Mark

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