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Provincial Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 Provincial Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-277178All States/Provinces: Immunization Rule Engine Moved to the SR Installer

Additional References: PSSR-289565 and PSSR-294101

As part of PowerSchool version 22.6.0 and State reporting version (SR) 22.6.1, the Immunization Rules Engine (that calculates student immunization compliance) has been moved from the Core PowerSchool app/installer to the State Reporting (SR) installer.

This change will allow PowerSchool State Compliance teams to take advantage of the newer functionality in the Immunization Rules Engine that has been added over the last few years without requiring Districts to be on a specific, minimum version of PowerSchool.

While this will give PowerSchool State Compliance teams more flexibility in utilizing newer Immunization Rules Engine functionality, districts will need to be on PowerSchool 22.6.0 to benefit from it. For districts that are NOT on PowerSchool version 22.6.0, the rules will work as they always have.

Since not all districts will take PowerSchool 22.6.0 when it’s available, the table below outlines how compliance will be handled and what Immunization Rules Engine (Core vs SR) will handle the compliance:

PowerSchool VersionState Reporting (SR) VersionRules Engine/Compliance Behavior
< this scenario, both the Core PowerSchool version and the State Reporting version have the Immunization Rules Engine. In this case, the Core Rules Engine will be utilized for assessing immunization compliance.
< 22.6.0< 22.6.1In this scenario, the Immunization Rules Engine only exists in the Core PowerSchool version and will therefore assess immunization compliance. this scenario, the Immunization Rules Engine only exists in the State Reporting (SR) version and will therefore assess immunization compliance.

State Reporting (SR) version 22.6.1 is embedded in PowerSchool version 22.6.0.

Additional Changes:

  • To go along with the new Immunization functionality surrounding CVX codes, the Immunization Rules Engine has been updated and can now calculate immunization compliance by looking for specific CVX codes. This will allow more accurate compliance assessments for combo vaccines.

    To take advantage of this functionality, districts must be on PowerSchool version 22.6.0 and the immunization compliance rules must be updated by Compliance.

  • Due to new functionality built into PowerSchool version 22.6.0 that allows multiple CVX codes to be tied to a vaccine, the old CVX Code field available on the Edit Vaccine dialog box has been renamed to Legacy CVX Code.
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