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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2024 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


All States/Provinces: Clock In/Clock Out Report Enhanced to Include Attendance Code

Clock In/Clock Out Report: Version 1.2

The Clock In/Clock Out report has been updated to include a new column: Attendance Code. The newly added column will display the associated attendance code for each student's record.


All States/Provinces: Discipline Incident Letters Report Display Issue Fix

Discipline Incident Letters Report: Version 1.2

The Discipline Incident Letters report has been updated to display the state and ZIP code with a space, removing extra periods from addresses, and the carat displaying in the 'smart pronoun' tag has been fixed.


All States/Provinces: Hepatitis B Vaccine Compliance Issue Fix

The compliance logic has been updated and will now correctly evaluate the student as compliant if the 3rd dose was given 24 weeks after the student's DOB.


All States/Provinces: Student Screen Access checkboxes removal from Group Security

The Student Screen Access checkboxes have been removed from the Group Security settings page in PowerSchool version 24.5.0. Due to this change, Compliance pages have been updated and page permissions will be automatically created or updated based on the existing settings on the group.

Refer to the Deprecation of studentscreenaccess DAT in SIS article in Community for more information.


All States/Provinces: Security Groups: Accessible Incident Types

Security Groups: Accessible Incident Types will now have only Incident Types as defined in District Management → Incident Type Setup

User to rerun the District Info, Load Incident Code/Subcode to load the Incident Type


CTE Certification Adiministered – Unwanted Characters at the End of Value

The dropdown value for Certification Administered in the Student’s State Province/SC Page shows incorrect characters at the end for value 410. The expected value is Precision Exams by YouScience: Computer Programming II (C #).


Ed-Fi Mapping Update: Academic Honors in Student Academic Records Changes

Corrected the mapping for elements in academicHonors in the studentAcademicRecords resource to publish correct values for Employability Credential and for the Academic Honor Award.


Ed-Fi Course Transcripts Mapping Updates

Mapping logic for the creditCategoryDescriptor and sub entity externalEducationOrganizationNameOfInstitution within the Ed-Fi courseTranscripts resource has been updated for state reporting purposes.


Ed-Fi Framework: Improve Performance of Data Staging

The Data Staging in the Ed-Fi Framework has been enhanced to improve performance. A new temporary table and a procedure have been introduced to support a new method. This new method utilizes a dynamic Statement to consolidate staging files into a single query, inserting the generated values into a temporary table. It processes multiple staging queries simultaneously and updates the main table only if values have changed or been deleted, reducing unnecessary updates. This should improve the speed and database logging of data staging and improve overall performance.


Ed-Fi V7: Deprecate StudentDisciplineIncidentAssociations Resource

StudentDisciplineIncidentAssociations resource has been deprecated and removed from the SC EDFI Dashboard.


Ed-Fi: Logic Update for Diplomas in studentAcademicRecord

The logic for diplomas in the StudentAcademicRecord resources has been updated to ensure that every student will have at least two diplomaTypeDescriptors and a diplomaAwardDate in the studentAcademicRecords resource as both are necessary for the diplomas subentity.


Ed-Fi Mapping Update : Academic Honors in Student Academic Records Changes

Corrected the mapping for elements in academicHonors in the studentAcademicRecords resource to publish correct values for Employability Credential and for the Academic Honor Award.


Ed-Fi: MyIGDIs Assessment Rostering - Updates

The MyIGDIs Assessment Rostering has been updated for classroomname, teacheremail, classuniqueid, and classroomid mappings.


 Re-instate SC-VIRM (Installer) in Attendance Code Standardization

The SC-VIRM code has been reinstated in the Attendance Code Standardization.


Removed the Student’s Not Tested Fields From the Precode Initialization Process

The Student’s Not Tested (S_SC_STU_TESTMISSED_C) fields are removed from the Precode Initialization process.


Student Section - Dependencies showing up for Inactive Students

The student Section Association resource has been updated to remove dependencies of inactive students.


Two Rostering Records for myIGDIs and GOLD Assessments

The issue involved some students having two rostering records for assessments, possibly due to no-show or withdrawn enrollments for the current year. An example is a student who has rostering records at P8 (current enrollment) and P19 (No-Show record). This ticket resolves the duplicate issue.

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